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There are millions of people without access to basic health care and several challenging diseases, which have no adequate treatment. AstraVida is research based health care and pharmaceutical company, which focuses primarily on customized market approach to target patients and their requirements and further develop affordable quality therapeutic products. Our team is working best at all aspects to provide high quality healthcare to all people living in urban or rural areas believing it is a right of people to have healthy and progressive life. We research, design, develop, manufacture and market our products, which are affordable and innovative.

AstraVida has only one motto: development and application of skills to produce quality products with assured patients safety and best efficacy at reasonable price.

Our Ideas & Goal


We know the health of your loved one is more important than any mission statement or executive profile

To ensure that no patient shall be denied access to high quality & affordable medicine and support.

Educational Support

"The Gatebiotech.com is an effort to inspire and support young minds towards successful research career."


Services Overview

At Astravida, we believe in smart work with tech expertise. Our investment in research and development has been sustained at a high level over many years and has resulted in one of the most prolific pipelines in the industry, with more than 60 potential medicines currently in development phase.

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